P1100007_2_sw_cutI am working as Senior IT consultant at adesso SE in Stuttgart in the line of business „automotive and transportation“. Focus of my current position as IT-Project Manager is project controlling. This includes also to plan and execute workshops with the customer and the coordination of development teams. In addition, I am responsible of establishing customer requirements.

In the past, I worked at the Visualization Research Center Stuttgart, University of Stuttgart, Germany. In 2015, I finished my PhD and defended my PhD thesis on Visualization Techniques for Group Structures in Graphs (supervised by Daniel Weiskopf). My main research focused on the development of visual analytics systems as well as information visualization techniques for networks in the application domain of bioinformatics. Further details on my research and publications during my PhD can be found in the respective submenus.
I started my research in visual analytics and information visualization during my diploma thesis with the title “Visualisation Toolkit for Contact Density Potentials within Amino Acid Neighbourhoods in Protein Structures”, which I wrote at the Max-Planck Institute for Molecular Genetics, Berlin.
Information visualization techniques are used to derive visual representations and mappings for abstract data. The aim of visual analytics systems is to derive insights from massive, dynamic and conflicted data. The data analysis is thereby supported through adequate visualization and highly interactive interfaces.